WMUTE Conference Report 3
April 11, 2012

The last day of the WMUTE conference was dedicated to a session on Evaluation and Analysis in Mobile Learning and thus one of the great challenges in this research field. The session included the presentation and discussion of a multimodal analysis of spatial characteristics of a realworld learning field, the case of a mobile business game, the evaluation of interaction with mobile devices in […]

WMUTE Conference Report 2
April 4, 2012

Throughout the week at the WMUTE conference a range of presenters from different international universities and institutes presented their research on mobile and ubiquitous learning in sessions on Context-aware and Personalized Learning Approaches, Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, as well as Mobile Social Media and Emerging Mobile Technologies in Education. In the first session the prototypes [MY]story and hi[STORY] were presented. Both mobile digital storytelling systems were developed with the overall goal […]

WMUTE Conference Report 1
March 27, 2012

The first day of the WMUTE conference was opened by a keynote of Prof. David Cavallo from the University of Maryland iSchool and College of Education on Liberating Learning: How Ubiquitous Access to Connected Computational Devices Releases Education from the Tyranny of Information Recall. In his keynote he explained why the focus on mostly trivial information recall is the wrong educational focus for the ubiquitous […]


Next week I will attend the 7th IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Technologies in Education (WMUTE) in Takamatsu, Japan. Beside some interesting keynotes from Prof. David Cavallo (University of Maryland, USA) and Prof. Masahiko Tsukamoto (Kobe University, Japan) on liberating learning and the impact of ubiquitous computing on the daily life, the conference presents an interesting program […]