WMUTE Conference Report 2
April 4, 2012

Throughout the week at the WMUTE conference a range of presenters from different international universities and institutes presented their research on mobile and ubiquitous learning in sessions on Context-aware and Personalized Learning ApproachesMobile Human-Computer Interaction, as well as Mobile Social Media and Emerging Mobile Technologies in Education.

In the first session the prototypes [MY]story and hi[STORY] were presented. Both mobile digital storytelling systems were developed with the overall goal to facilitate new media literacy as key competence and promote creative collaborative learning. More technically oriented the Open Device Control (OpenDC) framework for interactive applications in ubiquitous environments, an architecture for supporting heterogeneous multi-device learning environments, and the concept of a decentralized and self-adaptive system for mobile learning applications were introduced.

In the second session a device-free personal response system based on fiducial markers, the mobile applications LotusUz, and Touch & Read for the cognitive support of children with disabilities, and a gesture-based interaction system to support the collaborative exploration of visualizations using Microsoft Kinect were presented. Interestingly the response system utilizes augmented reality (AR) markers in reverse, similar to what we did when implementing our social learning game and the AR business cards. More information on the response system can be found at Furthermore the timer based cognitive support applications Lotus and Uz are available for iOS in the App Store.

Finally in the last session new approaches for nomadic inquiry, the recommendation of helpers based on personal connections, and a folksonomy-based indexing for retrieving resources were presented. Furthermore a study on a augmented reality based butterfly ecology learning system and (especially interesting) the utilization of IMS LD to author authentic learning examples in a mobile context were presented. If you are interested in one of the presentations or would like to have some more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.