Sustainability project “Energy Awareness Displays” awarded by SURFnet
May 20, 2011

My project proposal with the title “Energy Awareness Displays – Making the Invisible Visible” is one of the five awarded projects of the SURFnet Innovatieregeling Duurzamheid & ICT 2011.

The main idea is to make the often hidden energy consumption data of office buildings visible and accessible for people working in such buildings – right up to a personal level. To do so the project utilises instruments to measure the employees’ individual energy consumption.

The aim of the project is to raise employee’s awareness on the topic, introduce relevant conservation strategies, and provide dynamic situated feedback when taking actions. The project plans to implement an infrastructure that supports the aggregation of the building’s and the employees’ energy consumption data. Furthermore the project will develop several eco-visualisation interface prototypes that visualise the building’s enriched consumption information.

Using web/mobile apps it will be possible to explore and compare the gathered energy consumption information in relation to fellow employees, departments, floors, and/or buildings. Based on the provided information motivating and persuading conservation facilitation patterns will be used to foster social reflection and corresponding discussions. Thus the project sets up to change the energy consumption behaviour of the individual as well as the attitudes towards energy conservation of employees working in office buildings.

The innovation programme of SURFnet aims to stimulate innovative, sustainable ICT-projects in educational and research insitutions. All project proposals should fit either in the theme ‘sustainability of ICT’ or ‘sustainability by means of ICT’. More information about the innovation programme can be found here (in Dutch).